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The Mugly Truth Podcast

Welcome to The Mugly Truth! Welcome home; welcome to our table. Pull up a chair, grab a mug, and sit back while we talk about almost everything! We’re Kris and Kym, two ladies of a certain age (ahem) living in this amazing, wacky, wild world. We are lifelong friends looking back over our shoulders at the lives that shaped us. We enjoy sharing with you the experiences that brought us here – to today; to who we are at this very moment. Hey, we’re hard-working gals with day jobs and kids. Even though we have experienced totally different life-paths, we share a really quirky sense of humor, we speak sarcasm fluently, and – let’s face it folks – infuse our stories with some pretty colorful language. (#swearjar).  As we explore the lessons we’ve learned from our messes and adventures, you may just hear some helpful tips and tricks along the way. At the very least you might get a laugh out of it all (if so, we call that a win).  Most of the time our solutions aren’t graceful, nor are they wrapped up sweet and tidy with a bow on top – most of the time, our stories are just the mugly truth.

Dec 11, 2018

Christmas holidays not your jam? Got you down? You a modern day Scrooge? Well fear not because Kris and Kym give you 31 days of all the things you can do during the month of December that have little or nothing to do with Christmas! From December 1st through the 31st, there's a thing to celebrate every day. You like...

Oct 30, 2018

Happy All Hallows Eve Eve! This episode wraps up our whole-October-long discussion of all things creepy, eerie, and Halloweeny. Today Kris and Kym team up again with Paul Wilborn from the Having Beers With Podcast to discuss cemeteries all over the world, interesting (?) facts about cemeteries, and in true Kym and Kris...

Oct 2, 2018

Kym and Kris dish on their experiences while walking through haunted Old Town Orange with tour guide Charles. This episode covers some of the more gruesome details of the rich history of Orange, CA, with morgues, undertakers, deadly elevators, hooligans, fire, drowning and restaurant specters....

Aug 14, 2018

Kris and Kym share some of their favorite social media destinations; the Instagram pages, YouTube channels and podcasts that make the daily grind bearable! Check out what makes us laugh, sigh, go "aaaawwwww" and utter "whatdaheckfire?!?" Maybe you'll find a new page, channel or podcast to follow!